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Mapon Africa is present in Africa to ensure the safety, confidence, innovation and professionalism of its customers.
Our customers trust us - they trust us with their business, their competitive advantage, reputation and safety. In return for this investment trust us, we provide our customers a sense of security.


We look forward to helping you achieve your business objectives by developing the management of your management trackage 3G, GPS Geo location and telematic solutions that will improve your productivity and safety.
Le modèles Onatech3Gps Traceur est l’un des meilleurs fabricants au monde de GPS dispositifs de repérage pour une meilleure gestion des personnes, des véhicules et des biens.


Businesses and owners of deploying these devices in order to reduce costs, increase performance and ultimately build a better company by increasing their control and awareness. Whether a small fleet, one truck or staff, you will be in full control.


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